What is an Adjustable Bed?


Adjustable beds offer a better night’s sleep by allowing the user to move to find a more comfortable sleeping position.


Is an Adjustable Bed worth the money?


Yes is the simple answer as they help people to stay independent for longer by enabling you to get in and out of bed more easily.


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The Most Advanced Adjustable Bed Frame

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Abberley Adjustable Pod Beds

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Considered to be the most advanced adjustable bed frame, Abberley Pod Adjustable Beds are custom made for you, offering incomparable body support.


Each pod can be arranged to conform to your body’s position and movement during sleep, gently supporting your body whilst at rest and adjusting to your body movement throughout your sleep cycle.


Red weight adjuster stars can be fitted to any area for fine tuning your desired levels of comfort and support.


Offering both lateral and longitudinal support, Abberley Pod Adjustable Beds with multiple support ‘pod’ design, provides a multi-supportive and flexible sleep platform to accommodate the mattress of your choice.

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Abberley Prestige Range Package Offer

  • Abberley Pod Adjustable Bed Frame/s;
  • Upholstered base surround in your choice of material and colour inc. our new 'Impala' Range;
  • Headboard/s upholstered in your choice of material, colour and design;
  • Drawer/s positioned to your requirements;
  • Latex or Memory Foam Mattress;
  • Latest Radio Frequency (not infra-red) handset with three memory positions including LED torch in handset, switch for bedside lamp and under bed LED light directed at bedroom door;
  • Prestige Massage System featuring additional functions and intensity settings;
  • Can be used with any Abberley Base Surround.

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