What is an Adjustable Bed?


Adjustable beds offer a better night’s sleep by allowing the user to move to find a more comfortable sleeping position.


Is an Adjustable Bed worth the money?


Yes is the simple answer as they help people to stay independent for longer by enabling you to get in and out of bed more easily.


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Abberley Adjustable Beds For Back Pain

adjustable beds for back pain


adjustable beds for back painRead why an Abberley Adjustable Bed is probably the best adjustable bed for back pain.


Many of our customers were advised by their doctor to sleep with their head and/or legs elevated to help relieve many different symptoms, ailments and diseases including for back pain.


At the touch of a button, an Abberley Adjustable Bed converts into many relaxing positions to support your head, neck and shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet.


The relaxing contoured positions you can achieve with an Abberley Adjustable Bed offer a more comfortable rest and a better nights sleep for people suffering from many medical and age related issues including back pain.


Before purchasing an Abberley Adjustable Bed for back pain either for yourself or a loved-one or to help with providing relief at night for other certain conditions and/or ailments we recommend that you consult a medical practitioner.


Please visit our Position Guide.