What is an Adjustable Bed?


Adjustable beds offer a better night’s sleep by allowing the user to move to find a more comfortable sleeping position.


Is an Adjustable Bed worth the money?


Yes is the simple answer as they help people to stay independent for longer by enabling you to get in and out of bed more easily.


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Abberley Adjustable Beds Commitment To Quality

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Abberley Adjustable Bed Frames

Hand crafted personalised quality 5-part birch ply adjustable bed frames (head and neck1, upper back2, hips3, upper legs4, lower legs5) superbly engineered and available in any width, length or height and backed by our 10 year warranty and nationwide warranty support - enabling long and trouble free use.


Individual neck1 section - that offers personal support to head and neck even when the bed is used flat. 


Individual sprung shoulder2 section - that offers personal support to back and shoulders.


Individual weight3 adjusters - that offers personal support to lumbar region.


Smooth twin-drive motor compatible to mains - no permanent transformer humming.


Optional battery back-up system - that lowers the bed in the event of mains power failure.


Optional individual infrared or cabled handsets - to operate bed motor and massage unit/s.


Optional 6 Gang Extension Lead to each bed - for Electric Motor/Massage/Electric Blanket/Bedside Lamp/Clock/Teas Maid etc.


Electrics conform to all relevant British and European Electrical Standards.

Abberley Adjustable Bed Base Surrounds

As manufacturers, we price our adjustable beds by the width and are able to make a bed to any width, length, height, or specification i.e. you may have a maximum width between bedside cabinets or wardrobes that cannot be exceeded. 


Hand crafted bespoke base surrounds - your choice as upholstered, oak, or pine real wood with KD fittings (knock down) for ease of access so bed can fit round those tight stairs as well as transported easily from room to room or building to building. Made to any width, length or height and to your individual needs available with your choice of legs, feet or wheels with optional matching headboard, foot-board, and storage drawers. 


Upholstery conforms to all relevant British and European Fire Standards.

Abberley Adjustable Bed Mattresses

A revolutionary hand crafted bespoke Abberley 3-Part Mattress to user’s own Height-Weight Ratio offering the correct orthopaedic position of the spine and the body as a whole, offering relaxation of the muscles due to all parts of the body being supported.


The Upper-Layer* is designed to form to the user’s personal degree of required Comfort, your choice from humble foam, to revolutionary memory foam, to the increasingly popular latex.


The Middle-Layer is designed to incorporate the Massage Units, offering a better massage facility than competitor systems that are fixed to the bed slats.


The Lower-Layer is designed to form to the user’s personal degree of required Support and adapt to the varying adjustable bed positions.


If at any time you have a life-change which requires a different level of Comfort or Support, you can just ring us to purchase a new Upper, Middle or Lower Layer thus saving you £’s on a new mattress.


*Most of our customers now prefer using 'Memory Foam'. The benefit of using 'Memory Foam' is that it moulds itself to the body, avoiding localised pressure, the cause of various pains and bedsores. 'Memory Foam' has the qualities of being both energy absorbing and temperature sensitive. The foam responds to natural body heat and forms to the bodies shape promoting greater sleeping comfort and relief to joints and muscles.


Advice and Technical Support


For any questions or technical help, please ring Richard on 07442-531750




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