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Abberley Ltd

14 August 2015


Abberley Ltd

("Abberley" or the "Company")

14 August 2015



Abberley launches new designer range of adjustable beds


First ever ‘design your own’ adjustable bed


Abberley, one of the UK’s leading adjustable bed manufacturers and the first-low cost Adjustable Bed Company in the UK has today launched its designer range of adjustable beds, the first ever ‘design your own’ adjustable bed available in the UK.


Richard Broom, Director in charge of manufacturing and design, said:


“We are delighted to be announcing the successful launch of our designer range of adjustable beds, the first ever ‘design your own’ adjustable bed available in the UK.”


“We are proud to be offering our customers a new, smart choice on how to design their own adjustable bed.  For many years, the adjustable bed market has been operated by just a few commission based sales companies, and the lack of competition has led to inflated prices. We introduced low-cost adjustable beds over 10 years ago and have gone from strength to strength with thousands of satisfied customers throughout the UK.”


“Abberley has substantially reduced the average cost of owning an adjustable bed and in doing so will make it possible for more people to afford to buy an adjustable bed, whether they are buying for health reasons or for pleasure.”





For media enquiries please contact:


UK media – Richard Broom                                                       Tel: 01702-530847





About Abberley Ltd


Abberley Adjustable Beds are only available through Care & Comfort Products Ltd. Abberley has brought a new sleeping experience to the UK market at unprecedented low prices. Abberley is implementing the ‘design your own’ model across the UK and its long-term strategy is to become the UK’s first name in adjustable beds.


The results of a recent customer satisfaction survey showed that 100% of customers were likely to recommend Abberley Adjustable Beds to a friend.  In developing its strong brand and identity, Abberley Beds and Abberley Adjustable Beds have become ‘key phrases’ when searching online using the Google search engine especially when searching 'adjustable bed review', the key phrase 'abberley beds review' is listed in searches related to adjustable bed review.


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